Movies forgo theatrical releases in favor of streaming alternatives

By Lena Qian, Features Editor

Because of the closing of theatres, recent highly anticipated movies have ended up either going straight to streaming or have gone to streaming soon after its theatrical release date. Here are descriptions of some of the most popular of these movies and where to find them from the safety of your home.

Photo courtesy of Disney.


Hua Mulan (Liu Yifei) disguises herself as a man to take her injured father’s place in the Imperial Army. Not only does she face the obstacle of keeping her true gender a secret, but she also needs to protect the emperor and all of China from the hands of the Northern invaders. On her journey, she finds loyalty, bravery, and most importantly, honesty.

However, the movie has received a lot of criticism. To keep the storyline as true as possible to the poem it is based on, two of the most prominent characters in the original, Mushu and Li Shang, are not in the live-action remake. Additionally, some of the actors, including the leading actress, Liu Yifei, voiced support for the Hong Kong police, resulting in numerous boycotts of the movie. Diversity in the movie has also been an issue as only the actors in the movie are Asian, while the rest of the crew, including the writers and costume designer, are not.

If you are looking for an action-packed, girl-powered movie, and can overlook its faults, you can get the movie, which was released on September 5, on Disney+ for $29.99.

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“Frankenstein” delivers outstanding performance despite COVID restrictions

By Ava Sjursen, Arts & Entertainment Editor

MBA’s Frankenstein, the first Nashville private school production during the COVID era,  debuted from Sept. 10-13, utilizing unique safety measures to maintain COVID-19 regulations while still delivering an outstanding performance.

Frankenstein tells the story of a scientist who buries himself in his work due to the loss of his parents and designs a creature as monstrous as his demons. Soon this creature escapes and, after being taught social skills and philosophy by a blind man, wreaks havoc on society in his quest to find his creator.

The cast of MBA’s Frankenstein. (Left to right: Thomas Peterson, Rachel Hinchey, C.H. Henry, McConnico Sharpe, Max Sligh) Photo courtesy of Frances Bradford.
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HH brings three more grades back in full force and adapts hybrid model further

By Janet Briggs, Devon Campbell, and Sarah Cook, Editors-in-Chief

After two and a half weeks of a hybrid model, seventh, ninth and 12th graders will now be coming to campus every day for full in-person classes. Head of School Jess Hill made this announcement on Sept. 2 after consulting with the leadership team, the Board of Trustees and a medical advisory group. 

Students social distance on Souby Lawn (Photo Courtesy of the Daily Announcements)
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Teams adapt to a new world of masks and distance

By Georgia Elder and Riley Kate Higgins, Sports Editors

Since March, many Americans have been deprived of their favorite pastime: sports. Whether watching the World Series, betting on a promising March Madness Bracket, or playing a spring sport on a high school, collegiate, or professional level, plans changed due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. 

When sports were first called off, a meme that surfaced of a Northwestern fan crying over the score of an NCAA basketball game against Gonzaga with the caption, “Today, we’re all the Northwestern fan kid crying #MarchSadness,” became overwhelmingly popular because it summed up people’s reactions to a world without sports.

After a long summer of watching reruns of old sports games and practicing individually, the anxiously anticipated fall sports season has finally come.

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