Chopping down the cherry tree: replacing the outdated George Washington pageant

By Maggie Sullivan, Opinions Editor

Edit, May 2020: This article was conceived and written before the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the daily lives of Nashvillians. When Harpeth Hall returns to in-person classes, large assemblies may look very different. Though I stand by my argument, it is currently pertinent and crucial to address the impacts of the pandemic on Harpeth Hall before focusing on re-evaluating this tradition.

If you came to Harpeth Hall in middle school as I did, knowing little about its community and traditions, did you imagine that you’d be hitch-kicking, marching or dancing the minuet alongside your friends playing slaveholders?

GEORGE: 7th graders gather in their historical costumes for the George Washington Celebration in February 2020. Courtesy of Harpeth Hall.
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Know Your Place: Students Uncover History of Harpeth Hall’s Campus

By Camden Johnson (Features Editor) and Caroline Frederiksen (Photography Editor)

Over the past year, upper school English teacher Kristen Meltesen’s English IV classes have been investigating who inhabited the campus before Harpeth Hall students and faculty. This project is called Know Your Place and can be viewed further through the following link: Know Your Place. Throughout this project, we discovered that Native Americans inhabited Harpeth Hall’s campus long ago. 

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How Does Fear in the Media Impact Mental Health?

By Priyanka Chiguluri, Staff Writer

The media constantly spreads fear about COVID-19 by making it the main focus of daily reports and headlines. Not only that, but this fear damages mental health, and exists disproportionately among those struggling with unemployment. 

Every news platform focuses on the high number of infected people and deaths caused by the coronavirus. National, international and local news stations alike all have a web page dedicated to stories about the coronavirus that instill fear in their audiences.

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Waud and Pethel are loss to Harpeth Hall, but their impact is not

By Hallie Graham, Staff Writer

Legendary upper school teachers Mrs. Waud and Dr. Pethel announced they are leaving Harpeth Hall at the end of this year. Harpeth Hall’s success at educating young women stems from the qualified faculty. The loss of Mrs. Waud and Dr. Pethel will not only affect the math and history departments respectively but also the students and teachers they have impacted.

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